Professional DJ Services

We take our profession seriously.
At Music Music, we believe in using contracts, being upfront and transparent with all of our fees, carrying the appropriate insurance, and being a contributing member of the governing bodies.

Your Music Music DJ will always:
Show up on time
Dress appropriately for your event
Treat you and your guests with respect
Treat other Vendors with respect
Handle last minute requests or changes with grace and expediency

Your Music Music DJ will not:
Smoke or consume alcohol at your event
Talk on the mic too much
Take lengthy breaks
Use inappropriate language

What You Can Expect From Us

Our prices are better than most and we are very involved in the not-for-profit community. With us you get

  • The DJ you hire and meet from day one – no last minute switcheroos!
  • Friendly, professional, courteous personalities
  • A full-time working DJ, no sideline hacks!
  • Fully licensed and insured (AVLA) (SOCAN)
  • Legal binding contracts
  • Entertaining MCs & more for your money!